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I am new to this forum but since I own a Bersa, thought this would be a great place to get some tips and share some fun I have had with mine.

I own the Bersa Thunder .380 dual tone. I L-O-V-E this sidearm. It is compact and provides excellent firepower. I have ran over 400 rounds through this pistol at the range with a wide variety of ammunition and I am very pleased to say I have not had one jam. It is accurate and truly a joy to own.

The only issue I have had was my son's hand position being to high and he got bit by the slide lol! I was standing behind him but I did not see it until he pulled the trigger. He has not repeated that! lol.
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welcome aboard, enjoy the forums!
Welcome to the Bersa Forum RevMark !!
Hello and welcome to the forum from Stone Mountain Georgia
Welcome to the forum from south Texas.
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