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Greetings from an undecided..

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Good evening everyone. Just signed up to learn a little about the guns i keep hearing about.. the Thunder .380 and the 9mm.

I don't currently own a Bersa but hope to in the near future. My wife's Sig p238 took me into .380 land, then to PPK land, and finally here...trying to decide between the 9mm and .380.

So, greetings from Oklahoma where we are under another tornado watch tonight! Thunder up!
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Welcome aboard! You'll learn lots here; just ask if you have questions!
Thanks all, good to be here.
Welcome to the forum. Ihave tried all the same .380s and a few of the tiny ones. Didn't like the tiny ones at all for shooting. Nice to carry. The Sig kicks azz, a good second is the Bersa, Then the PPK and it's clones. IMO.
Welcome to the forum and I do hope you guys get a break from the tornados this time.
Welcome to the forum and I do hope you guys get a break from the tornados this time.
Thanks. We had the shelter open, ready to dive in if needed! Thankfully it wasn't.

Enjoying the forum so far, just getting caught up on some reading...
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!
Welcome from VA. Stay safe, my friend. Hopefully you won't need that shelter at all.
Ouch, more tornadoes in Moore, OKC and Norman. This is all north of me, but these folks can't catch a break...
Welcome to the forum, got a young niece and her family in Chickasha and we're frequently checking in on them. Thank goodness, they have a T-shelter in their back yard. To answer your question, I've got 2 Bersa 380s and a 9UC and if I had to choose one over the other, it would be the 9UC hands down. would be the 9UC hands down.
May I ask why? What do you like about it?
Welcome to the forum! I carry a Bersa Thunder 380 Plus (15 round mags) and love it. Accurate right outta the box. Feels great in my hand and comfortable in my Fobus paddle for all day wear.
May I ask why? What do you like about it?
Without considering the brand name, my major area of choice is based upon caliber size, variety, relative price and ballistics of the rounds. For the most part of the above reasons, I'd take my BT380 over my FS22, hands down. In general availability, when not being manipulated by the current administration, the 9mm round comes in several weights from 115 FMJ to 147 JHP and at a cheaper price than the 380. As far as it being a Bersa and the UC version. I liked the metal and alloy build, no "plastic" other than in the grip panels, how it it fit in my hand, availability of the 13 round mags and concealability.
I appreciate all the opinions, that's exactly what I want to hear.

To 9UC-How is the recoil in the compact 9 version? Snappy or Moderate?
Howdy welcome...ask away willing to help in any way
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