Great little pistol, except for the next to last shot.

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by epeemonger, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. epeemonger

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    Took my Bersa Thunder with the gold trim out to the range yesterday and enjoyed shooting it. It is relatively accurate, and a hoot to shoot, at least until I get down to the next to last shot, which invariably hangs up, misfeeding and stovepiping. I have tried pretty much everything that I can do, keeping the magazined loaded to season the springs, thoroughly cleaning and lubing the pistol, polishing the guide ramp. Nothing seems to help. And what is annoying is that fact that it is only the sixth or fifth round in a magazine of seven that hangs up. If I load six instead of seven, I get the same problem with the next-to-last round. Otherwise it is a great little firearm.
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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum epeemonger !!

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    Welcome! I'm no expert on Thunders, but sounds like a mag problem. Does it happen with any magazine you use, or are you just using one mag?
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    bad mag is my first thought too
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    Hello fellas. I am new to the sight and if I new it was here I would have joined long ago. It's great. I love my Thunder and carry it a lot. I do however, suffer the same problem as epeemonger. I have Bersa mags, of course, and I have Promags. At first I thought it was the Promags that were causing the problem, but alas... the factory mags don't fix it. Again I love this weapon but the feeding problem is very frustrating. Does any one else have an idea or suggestion?
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    I'm new also. Still in the break-in period with my .380 CC. Had 1 failure to feed incident with it during a rapid fire test. No problems during slow fire. Using a combination of factory and ProMags.
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    Testing forum

    Sorry ... just doing some testing with the forum.
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    I have 2 mags, both Bersa and both have the same problem. What I don't understand is that this only happens on either the second or third round from the bottom. In essence, I get four or five clean shots, then a hang.
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    I only got my bersa a little over a month ago, i shot 50 rounds though mine & it ran perfect but left the magazine loaded before the range trip and I polished the feed ramp as soon as I got it.
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    I believe its the mag. I have 2 mags and same thing happens to the other mag. The other one runs perfect.
  11. ponderwilu

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    Might Be A Cure Here!

    I just purchased a Bersa Thunder .380 and while reading some owner reviews at Buds Gun I came upon yours about some jamming problems. While researching the issue further I came upon this article in "Gunblast" on-line magazine and I'm posting the information so that it may help you and others with the same issue. Apparently the author was surprised when his .380 Bersa jammed too. He cured the problem by taking a pair of pliars and crimping the top of the magazine slightly. Maybe that's all you'll have to do. If you try it and it works please enter an update here for others. Here's a link to that article I mentioned. Happy shooting!

    Also, in this interesting article on different "loads", some are more prone to jam in our Bersa's than others. See about a third of the way down in the link below. The best the author says for less feed problems ...Remington .380 88 grain JHP (#R380A1)
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    I had the same problem with one mag new out of the box. Go onto you tube. Type in" bersa 380 mag repair". Lots of very good video clips, tips and pointers.If you send it back to bersa you may wait weeks before you see it again. If your handy with tools it takes no time at all. Good luck.
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    Hang ups

    For those not sure how to do it. If you can furnish a few pictures I'm sure they will be appreciated.