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    Well, both brothers are here!!! I did a cleaning of the one I got 2 days ago. I'm going to have a problem getting any ammo let alone the ammo I'd like to try for the gun.

    I intend getting some bulk PMC ammo, the Steinel 1100fps copper hp's, and Buffalo Bore flatnose for the guns for starters. I may have to wait awhile.

    While I'm waiting, I may have the guns refinished. They're beautiful guns, so I don't feel like it's a waste of money. I've ordered the Marshall extended walnut grips (extended to the pinky ext.), and I'll feel lucky I got these which I sprang for just in case these get cut off for sale to California.

    The Thunder and Concealed Carry are already gone, why I don't know, I mean it's the same gun.

    Anyway, this worked out.

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    Ammo is out of stock everywhere, let alone the .380 ammo I want for these guns, so while I'm waiting for ammo, I'm going to have the guns re-finished.

    These are good guns, being sold for rock bottom prices, but they have, to me, a lousy finish. I'd rather have a good gun w/a lousy finish than the other way around, so I don't mind spending on an upgrade.

    Prices on a custom re-finish of a gun on one end of the spectrum are "ridiculous beyond belief" to very reasonable; finding the very reasonable, is possible, if you do a lot, repeat, a lot of homework.

    I've researched at length all the various processes out there, and I've settled on 2, and the folks who'll re-finish the guns.

    The guns will be dis-assembled/bead blasted by Josh @ Applied Kinetics, and he'll finish the frame and most of the parts in Cerakote-Graphite Black.

    The slide/safety lever/extractor will be finished in a PVD/Nitride process by Chuck over at Element Surface Technologies. That's the process they use on drill bits, and several folks are having their guns done w/the same process. I know, I've ck'd.

    One Nitride process results in a dark, dark, grey, and another close to Graphite Black and I'll be fine w/either one. No way I'll be doing the guns in "shiny gold".

    It was explained that the barrel being pressed into the frame would be a problem re the using PVD process on the frame, so I'm going this route. I was impressed w/Josh steering me away from doing something that would mess up the gun.

    This project done this way, price-wise, is going to be in the same ball park as Cerakoting the complete gun, but will result in the slide being re-finished in the tougher PVD/Nitride process.

    I was quoted some very reasonable prices, on what is a custom project for 2 guns, and these folks are local so I can keep an eye on the progress of the guns.

    Josh has shown me some of his work "face to face", which looks first rate, so I'm expecting good things for these guns, in roughly 3-4 weeks.

    The great thing is, the "price is right".

    I'll upload pics when they're finished.
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