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Got no Bersa

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I have 2 daughters that only had shotguns both their husbands have their own pistols so when they were visiting this past year I gave them both my BT380's
I had 2 of the matte blue Bersa's They love them and both of them out shoot their husbands... well at 10yrds or less (where it really counts) So now I am keeping an eye out for a good deal on a Bersa I have several thousand rounds of FMJ's and 90gr JHP's me and my brother in law have loaded through the years. I really like the .380 for plinking and target shooting here are my remaining .380's
a Sig P232, Sig P238 and my best shooter (since I gave away my 1st Bersa) a Beretta Cheetah 84FS.
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Nice set of pistoles there...., bet they do a bang up job

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