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So I finally got my alien gear holster in for my uc9. So far I got to say I love it. I ordered it last month and it took 3 weeks to get. They are slammed right now so I won't hold that against them. Once they finally shipped it it only took three days. Not bad.

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Not liking my Aliengear holster one bit.

Got in an Aliengear holster for my Bersa Thunder model .380 and .22. My opinion, as it is, I don't like it one bit.

The plastic is stood off from the leather by means of rubber hose (ala fuel line hose) cut to different lengths, giving it more, or less, retention. Problem I have with this idea is that when the plastic is NOT down flush against the holster, as in Cross Breed, it creates an area for the leather to push into the gun area as you wear it.

When I first put it on yesterday (5-09-2014) I could not get my pistol to go in at all. It was so tight it moved the slide back and ejected a round. Even when I put in the "spacers" to make it further from the leather (the longest ones shipped) it still did not feel even close to as good as my Cross Breed holsters.

Some may like these and because of their build it may work well for them. For me, my thoughts are that because of the design, it lends itself to binding from the leather. With the plastic piece that goes all the way FLUSH with the leather, that plastic gives better support to keep the leather from pinching against the gun when worn. This Alienwear holster has thicker plastic than the Cross Breed (of which I have 2 for different pistols), but the fact that inside your pants, with your pants covering well, I see no need for the extra thick plastic.

After trying all sorts of adjustments, I gave up and sending it back. When I received my Cross Breed holster(s) all I had to do was clip them to my pants, taking very little effort and time, and I was good to go. It was difficult getting this holster to perform the same way, as easy and as effortless as the Cross Breed holsters.

Interesting enough, I can put my Bersa Thunder in the same Cross Breed holster I have for my Millennium PRO Taurus, and it holds it fairly well. It is not a great fit by any means, but I would, any day, prefer to carry it in that holster, that is not designed for that pistol, than use this Aliengear holster.
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