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Discussion in 'General Bersa Discussion' started by millsriver, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. millsriver

    millsriver Member

    Found a NIB 380 Thunder CC at local gun show today. $325 including all taxes and fees, so not a great deal, but in today's climate a good deal. There were only two Bersas at the show. Prices were sky high on most items and ammo was hard to find and pricey. Maybe all this will calm down soon.
  2. Valent

    Valent Member

    $325 is as good as it gets theese days. I paid mine $300 5 months ago. I believe CC smaller size guns will hold price in future. Prices are historicaly creeping up continuously anyway.

  3. spyder

    spyder Active Member

    congrats on new shooter. hope you found a few mags for it too. seems like cc mags a bit scarce along with plus mags.
  4. DEFCON3

    DEFCON3 Veteran - Former USAF

    Congrats on your find, Millsriver! And that is probably a decent price these days. I paid $295 for mine just about a year ago. Problem now is finding ammo for it! Enjoy! :D
  5. Stratojaxter

    Stratojaxter Well-Known Member

    Congrats on the new gun!
  6. millsriver

    millsriver Member

    Took it out to the range this morning. I had cleaned it and lightly lubed it. Fired 40 mixed rounds of Remington RN, Aguila HP and some Winchester white box FN. No problems with any of the rounds. The Bersa worked like it had long been broken in. I continue to be amazed at these Bersa's.
  7. Pancho_Villa

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    Sounds like ya got a good. one. Well, most of them are. I have never had one fail on me yet. Had several.
  8. CCP_holder

    CCP_holder Member

    I could help you feel a whole lot better about your purchase. I bought mine when Obama was running the first time. Then, it was guns, as well as ammo that were becoming scarce, and the pistol, along with a spare mag, 2 boxes of ammo, and an inside the belt holster cost me just over 600.00. (I think he saw me coming)
  9. katfishinking

    katfishinking Member

    I got mine in January, this year. I gave 340.00 for thunder cc, extra mag, and uncle mikes holster. got it at a local gun show in southern Indiana.i didn't feel too hurt with this much money. I also picked up 100 rds. of ammo for 40.00.