Got a question for a BT Plus or CC owner.

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    My BT .380 has the thick wrap around grips with the finger grooves in the front which leaves me with a grip screw measuring 13/32" including the head. The threads alone are a little over 1/4" or 9/32" What I want is a shorter screw so I can put a thinner wooden grip on it. As it stands now the screws alone would put it at 1 1/4" even if it didn't have grips on it. My plan is to buy a normal walnut grip and sand it smooth and thin. I know the CC model is only 1" wide so it has to have a shorter screw. The Plus has the wide mag opening so it may have a shorter screw to compensate. Several have said your screws fit the wooden grips fine but I plan on reshaping and thinning them. So if you could measure your screws I could just order the right length. Just a little project I have. Thanks in advance.