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Got a new Nickel Thunder 380 Plus at auction

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Hi All,

I joined in December after receiving my new Thunder but am just now getting around to posting my intro.

Got a sweet deal ($291 + local FFL fee) at a Mississippi auction where the people either didn't know the value or did know how hard it is to find mags. :) Having fun and learning more about it as I go. That price included shipping and other fees to the auction house though. Made me wish I had been local because my bid price was only $230, but they tell you the fees up front so I was able to plan for that in my bidding.

Side note: Lately I have been finding at auctions a lot of those hard to find guns I always wish I could find in stores but can't. I like having multiple types of guns that use the same ammo, so at auction I also found a S&W revolver that takes my 1911's 45 acp cartridges, as well as a Marlin lever gun and Desert Eagle that both take my 357 revolver cartridges. I'm not a prepper but do always think in the back of my head "What if..."
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Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum Andrew !!
Welcome from Stone Mountain Georgia
welcome to the Bersa Forum, and congrats on the new Nickel Thunder 380
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