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Getting tired of winter

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Tired of snow and cold. Tired of driving 20 miles to work on bad roads. Plus I can't get out to shoot to take the edge off. I think cabin fever is setting in. I'm done ranting now.
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We have been on a roller coaster for a couple of monnths. It is freezing for 2-3 days and then warms up to mid 70s. We were freezing Tues and Wed. of this week Today it was up to 69.. By sat. and Sunday, suppose to be mid 70s and drop again on Sunday night.
Me too...

Normally in the winter here in Ky, I spend a lot of time outside working and hunting.

So far this winter, from end of OCT to now......I have spent 3 days total outside, where the temps were above 40 and it wasnt sleeting ,snowing, freezing rain, wind blowin, ..


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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