Friend or foe conceal and open carry map

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  1. ashsmith91

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    Unsure If this has been posted in the past but I stumbled upon this link on reddit and its pretty awesome , reviews of locations in your area that are pro cc/oc and ones who aren't. You can add your own reviews of places as well . Very helpful to me.
  2. Cutlass327

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    Cool idea. My main concern is the "Positive" and "Negative" pins look exactly alike... They should maybe make the colors a little more pronounced for the colorblind... Maybe rotate the pins as it goes from one end if the scale too the other...

  3. ashsmith91

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    Yea never thought about color blind but some ppl wrote reviews when you click the icon so you can. Read if it was positive or negative atleast
  4. SHOOTER13

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    Thanks for the link...
  5. hotshott

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    I'm from Illinois so it does me no good. However I would carry with Rouge Pride,,,, If I could.
  6. jpshaw

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    I will always be a little opposed to open carry. No, it doesn't bother me a bit but the "anti's" see a gun without a badge and they start all over again. I can rub shoulders with the same people all day long and they don't get riled up at all. They have no idea I'm packing just as much as the "open carry" guy. Heck, some probably think I even voted Democrate the last election.
  7. 2farnorth

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    I think I would have to set them straight on that item....:p