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Fobus paddle holster opinions

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Hello all, I will soon be getting my cc permit (NC) and I am looking over my holster options for my bersa 380 thunder. My father has a iwb leather holster but to me it is too bulky. I was wondering if the suede of nylon iwb holsters are any better. The other ? Is, has anyone used the fobus owb paddle holster and how do you like it. And with the fobus I will not be concerned if it is concealed or not.
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I've tried a couple of nylon and a leather IWBs and didn't like any of them. I even tried an adjustable leather paddle, but again, not a winner. Next experiment was a Fobus OWB adjustable paddle, but ultimately I did not care for it. For me, it was too boxy and it "printed" far to much for me. I'm not a fan of OC and only do so around the house. Being in the desert, I wear light short sleeve open over shirts to cover my carry. I finally settled on modifying the leather IWB into an OWB for the BT-380s and ordered a good quality leather OWB for my 9UC.
I dont have one for my Bersa, but I do for my Taurus 27/7 LS DS. It is a big gun, so I don't use it for CC, just as a sidearm when I am trouncing through the woods.

It locks in nice and tight and stays close to my body. Very comfortable as well.

My CC is either a revolver or pocket pistol. For my revolver, I use a Galco King Tuk. Works very well, and comfortable to wear all day.
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