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First shoot

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Got my new Bersa .380 out to the range yesterday, finally! Ran off 100 rounds. Handgun shot like a dream; no FTFs, no FTEs. Light trigger pull. Good day sights. First two shots were bulls-eyes on a swinging paper target! I thought the gun was magic. After that, not so much. It's a better shooter than I am. Totally pleased with the handgun.
And yes, the screws holding the grips came a little lose. Fixed 'em with some Loc-tite when I got home. No big deal. Now to get the scratch together for some tritium night sights.
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Muy bueno! Sounds like you got a good one.
Stot my new Thunder Plus 380 today with ammo I made my self
Only had 2 FTF out of 50
When I banged the bottem one went in the chamber and fired I dont know why

I used 100gr Berry ccrnhb some with 3.8gr of AutoComp and some with 4.1gr AutoComo
I coundnt see any differance
Some of the cases had a slight flat spot maybe about half

There is a flaw in the feed ramp that looks likea bubble tha t got machined over to male the ramp I dont see if that had anything to do with those flat spots

Accuracy was great even when the frount sight came off

Should I take to Gander Mt gunsmith?
I see they are a Bersa warrenty gunsmith
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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