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first pistol

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need advice on first pistol.thunder 22 or 380
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I really like the Thunder .380
My first pistol is a BT380 CC. I carry it every day in a pocket holster. :D
If totally for personal protection I say the .380 but if hiking, camping or other outdoor activities may be involved you might consider the .22. However, with the price of .22 rimfire lately I might say .380 for both.
Ever buy and or ride a motorcycle? You wanted the 750 but settled for the 500. Then after riding the 500 for 2 weeks you kick yourself for not buying the 750. Same rule applies. If you buy the 22 I am sure you will enjoy it. But after a while you will again, kick yourself and say I should have bought the 380. I love my BT380 and I have a little 22lr as well. We are not talking large caliber cannons. That's a topic for another day. 22 and 380 are both economical and fun to shoot. Enjoy whatever you choose.
The only sensible solution to your problem is to buy both.
The only sensible solution to your problem is to buy both.
"millsriver" has a good point, but in economic and self defense reality, buy a BT380 first. Yes, you can use a BT22 for SD if necessary, but The BT380, using Corbon DPX JHP or as a second choice, Buffalo Bore or Speer Gold Dot, for SD is the better idea. Break in the BT 380 with a minimum of 250 rounds of nothing but American made, brass cartridged FMJs before using JHPs. Get the 22 for cheap practice as they have much the same feel. I currently have two BT 380s and an Fire Storm 22 (made by Bersa) in addition to a UC9.
Thanks all for replies.I live in New Jersey,where it takes three months just to get one pistol.I have to get another back ground check for each pistol,which would take another three months.I'm in my late sixties and this will be my first pistol.My friend just got the 380 and is happy with it.We don't live that close to each other,but will fire his.Then my job will be to find one.Bersa is scarce in n.j.
definitely the .380-- I got the thunder and added walnut grips... i'm in love... I should change my name from probus to walnut man-- over 600 rounds through it and I pack Hornaday Zombie or Critical Defense when I can find them... never a single smidgen of a problem-- Regards, probus
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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