First outing with the Thunder 380

Discussion in 'Range Reports' started by bonefamily, Jan 29, 2013.

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    The weather broke for a couple of days here in central Ohio, and the temps hit near 60 today. We finally made it out to the range to put the wife's new Thunder 380 and my new SCCY CPX-2 for the intial firing. The wife really loves this pistol! She was very accurate with it for shooting a bigger caliber for the first time - her other pistols are a .22 lr and a .25 acp. Her first shot was an eye opener for her and even had a couple select words to share outloud, but after the second magazine she was getting well situated and quite accurate with it. Then it was my turn to give it a magazine full... I have really got to get me one of these! I loved it as well, moreso than my new CPX-2 (though that's not saying I don't like the SCCY, I just preferred the SA trigger of the Bersa).

    One thing we found out is that it did not like Blazer Brass FMJ. In the three magazines we tried of it, it failed to feed and jammed in everyone of them - to the point that the jam had to be cleared by pulling out the magazine and letting the cartridge drop out from the bottom of the magazine well. I don't know if it is a known thing that the BT380 does not like Blazer Brass or not. The Remington UMC FMJ had zero issues through all 50 rounds that was fired.

    Bottom line is that the BT380 is a hit in our home!!
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    I do nopt use Blazer Brass in ANY of my guns. Winchester Ranger is my prefered ammo. I pay a little more but I have no headaches.

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    Congrats on the new addition bonefamily !!
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    I bought a 380 thunder cc a couple days ago and on my first outing I had 2 jams out of the first 50 rounds using Winchester 95 grain target load