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First Bersa bought today....

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Hi everyone! Came upon this forum while searching for information. One of those had to buy least that's what I told the wife :) Bought a Crosman co2 bb gun that looks like a Walther PPK last week and really like the feel...... so, stopped in an out of town sporting goods store and while looking in the bottom of the case, saw the Bersa...... now I'm looking for when it was manufactured....... its a model 83 in absolute mint shape..... Almost appears to be unfired! serial number is 288xxx any help is appreciated..... can't wait to fire it! Thanks, Dan
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So...... I go back to the store today cuz I left a bag after purchasing the Bersa..... I recently started collecting George Lawrence leather holsters since the company was in Oregon..... I came across just 2 leather holsters and low and behold, there sat a tiny G Lawrence ..... didn't know what it fit, but the price was good....... so I bought it..... a new (old) holster and wouldn't you know, my new Bersa fit perfectly! I'll post pics as soon as I learn how.....
Welcome to the Bersa forum. Congrats on the new 83 and the fitting holster. You should be really happy with the 83. I had a couple a few years back that I bought used. Never had any trouble with them. Hope your gun works as well.
Welcome to the forum Dan and congradulations on your 83. Hope it serves you well.
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