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Finally, finally, FINALLY!!!

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After months of watching and looking, I FINALLY found a Bersa Thunder Plus! The cheapest place I have been watching (for a long time) is a little known website called "Proxibid". Its an estate auction site. Twice before, there were only two Pluses on there. I missed both of them. This morning, my father found TWO on the site, both for auction this morning. HE GOT BOTH!!!

I am ecstatic!!!
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Thank you!
I finally bought my spare mag for my Bersa Thunder Plus 380 ! Midway got them in, emailed me to let me know and they lasted just long enough for me to order one. They were gone almost right away! I'm so happy to finally have my spare mag. =)
Congrats on your Plus. Maybe there is hope for my BT380 yet.
Nice score. I have bid on only 2 guns at auction in my lifetime. ( on the PC.) Missed one and won the second. I go to estate sales a few times a year and weapons are prevalent. Most are older pieces and once in a while I come across an investment piece that I just have to bid on. In most cases high dollar items at these sales are for sealed bid only. I scored a very nice Taurus 22mag revolver for a steal. I still have not broken it in yet. I bought my Bersa 380 in November 2012 and liked it so much I bought a second. My wife always asked why I need so many guns. After getting her out to shoot, She now understands why.
Finally found a Thunder UC 40 Pro black matte at a decent uninflated price been looking since last November...they are really scarce..
Congrats----scarce in New Jersey and to top it off--Eagle Imports is in N.J.
Congrats man. I'd like to score a plus myself.
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