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Fiber Optic Front Sight

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For the first time I decided to try a fiber optic front sight...And I like it!
I purchased a CZ-75BD in 9mm about a month ago, a wonderful full size all steel pistol. I really like the gun and it has been rock solid reliable, my only issue was the sight set up. The sights are too small and made it hard for me to get on target quickly, so I ended up ordering a set of sights from Cajun Gun Works. The front sight is a fiber optic and I couldn't be happier with the results. The fiber optics make it so much easier to acquire my target and the wider rear sight mean no more squinting to line up the sights. Now if the CZ had come with the same sight set up as my BP-9cc... Oh well nothing is perfect but those fiber optic sights sure helped.
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Mornin Sportdog7,
Do you have a picture of the front sight and/or a link to it?
This pic shows the green fiber optic front sight, I changed out the green for the red a few days ago. It's hard to hold the gun steady for a photo. here's the link to Cajun Gun Works where I got the sight set...www.[B]cajungunworks[/B].com


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Cool, I went with this one for the front and went with a number 9 sig for the rear. I also started out with the green, then switched to the red. (took that picture before I changed the rear sight)
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