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Female Carry Options

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I am a female looking to get my CCW. What are some practical and RELATIVELY (doesn't have to be perfect) comfortable ways for a woman to carry? If it makes a difference, I will probably be carrying something like the Bersa Thunder.
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Depends on the woman, her frame & her style of clothes.. If you're a tomboy & wear loose fitting jeans & bigger tops then an IWB would be fine.. IMO, if you're a purse toter, then get a "gun purse" wit a pocket..
First off, welcome to the forums!

Secondly, here are some good resources created by women, for women:

The Cornered Cat - good read for everybody, but intended for women. Kathy really knows her stuff and has the credentials to back it up.

Sonja has a lot of videos on her YouTube channel showing different holster options she has used over the years. Her earlier videos focused more on holsters and concealment options, before she went really gung-ho with guns. You may have to dig back a ways.

Yet another: The owner of this site also has a number of YouTube videos discussing various holsters and carry methods for women on this page: Since she actually sells the stuff through her web site you can either view it as a one-stop shop, or perhaps that the reviews may be slanted towards selling products. You be the judge, I just ran across the web site.

My wife prefers purse carry. While not as good as on-body carry for a number of reasons, it helps to use a good purse specifically designed for it. My wife uses one of this brand:
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Thank you both for the info!
Flashbang holsters has MANY options for Female carry!
Welcome to the Bersa Forum coconceal !!
My wife will not use any auto pistol except the Ruger .22 MkII auto. It is a bit heavy and big to carry around. If she does carry anything, it is usually a 5 shot, .38 spl. snub revolver. It is not much diffent in size and weight from the Bersa .380, but she only carryes the revolver. It is carried i a pocket in her purse. I would have a problem trying to find it in a hurry with all the stuff she carries in the purse. She has no problem getting to it quickly.

And welcome to the forum, purpleldf.
. . . What are some practical and RELATIVELY (doesn't have to be perfect) comfortable ways for a woman to carry? . . .
This is the only way The Missus will carry (2:30 through 4:30 o'clock were uncomfortable for her to draw because of the height of her belt line).

She does sometimes use a pull-open fanny pack in the front if she has no long coat/sweater for concealment.


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My wife carries her CCW in a concealed carry purse. Works great for her since her purse is always with her when she is out and about. Even though she has a BERSA 380 cc she prefers to carry her 38 revolver (loaded with Hornady critical defense +P ammo) which is inherently more reliable compared to a semi automatic pistol.
If you're planning on carrying on-body (always prefered) most women seem to really prefer appendix carry (right in the front, just off the center line). A good low profile holster with a medium to smaller frame gun (think a 2/3 inch j frame, Ruger LC9, etc).

If purse carry, you're only really limited by the amount of weight you can comfortably carry adn the purse size. My wife carries a glock 19 in the diaper bag/purse, a g27 on body.

Theres other options, like around the neck and under bra, but they are not ideal for draw speed or comfort and of course put you in a position where you hand and gun can easily be trapped against your body and/or tangled in your clothes.

We have also modified womens purses with reinforced straps (thin steel cable in the strap) to prevent it from being cut or pulled off the body. Its not uncommon in a GOOD gun purse, so look at that option, too. Problem, is yall women like to change your purses too much! :D
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Remora Holsters

You might consider a Remora holster. Here's a link to a video some young lady posted about how she uses hers wearing jeans, shorts, skirts, bikinis, etc.


I just ordered a Remora for myself, so I don't have any experience with one yet, but soon as I get it I'll post how I like it. Of course, I'm a big fat guy, not a petite woman in a bikini, so I won't post any vids of myself!
My wife carries in a Remora or a Sticky holster IWB for her 380CC, my daughter uses a N82 IWB for her M&P and hides it well for a small curvy girl. They are playing with a thigh rig sewn into a pair of yoga shorts for under the dresses, just not working on it very often during the Holidays.
The BETTY is one of the most comfortable in the pants holsters and the most versatile! Wear it on your side, on your back or even in your boot or purse!
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