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Extended Warranty...yes/no?

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I just picked up my new Bersa Thunder at Gander Mountain. They asked me if I wanted the extended warranty for $30. I declined only because I read on the website that Bersa offers a lifetime warranty for their firearms to the original owner, which I am. So I didn't think it was necessary to get another one and have to pay for it. Did I make the right choice based on your experiences with this company? I think they said I have a couple of weeks to get it if I changed my mind.
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Based on what you say, assuming it is accurate, and appears that it should be, how would having ext warranty help you, other than paying $30.00 more for the gun than you pay now, and hope someone will pay in the future should you choose to sell.

Resale for a nice gun at a fair price should never be a problem in the future.

When do they generally tell us about add-on extended warranties?

Good luck with your choice.
Why pay $30 for a warranty when you already have a manufacturers lifetime...good call !!
Now if that warranty covered ammo replenishment's I'm in.:D
Yea. That would be awesome.. Haha
A few years ago I picked up a Ruger SR 40 at Gander Mountain & the salesman talked me into the extended warranty. He said that they have a gunsmith on duty & he could do any repairs in house, even clean my new if I wanted them to.
Two weeks later they canned their smith closed the shop & told me they will never offer that service again.:eek:
So now I will never step foot into Gander Mountain again!
What a rip off. Glad I declined their warrant.
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