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Email why I had not been back for a while.

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Ihave had some family members with health problems. Finally got me two extra clips for my 380 CC, but now want to sell it because I got a Ruger 9MM or either trade for something else. I have quiet a bit invested in it with the clips and ammo and never shot it still. I have the Ruger SR 9 and SR 22, now I want the Ruger SR 45 so all my guns will all work the same.
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Good morning davhag! Thought I'd respond to your post as I too got the email from Austin, haven't given up on my Bersas, just been very busy dealing with a Class A Lemon RV I purchased back in April. Finally gave up on it last month, took the loss and traded it for another brand. Been busy trying to get it ready to start using it for some winter get away trips. Even though my 9mm is my favorite and primary carry, it would be my recommendation that you not give up your 380. I've got two BT-380s, one that I use when I feel I need for better concealment, sometimes I refer to it as my Sunday go to meeting gun, and the other, because it's the nickle/ polished alloy version, that I keep under my pillow at night. Best of luck on your decision.
Yeah I probably will not get rid of it. Just frustrated on finding !
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