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I couldn't shoot well for most of 2019. I'm 71 YO, had cataract operations, have retinopathy, and the start of Macular degeneration. There were days when the sights and target were all blurry. There were days when the sights were only a little blurry and I could see 2 bullseyes. During dry fire sessions I would line the sights to a target with both eyes open, close the left eye and the front sight would move to the right of the rear sight. Things were so bad I started practicing point shooting and shooting with only the right eye open instead of both.

I finally went to the eye Dr. yesterday and I couldn't read the top line of the eye chart with my right eye. The macular degeneration has gotten significantly worse in the right eye only. We did a check and found out the the left eye is now my dominant eye. She said the mind made the change because the vision was degrading in the right eye. There is no cure or treatment for my condition. It will probably continue getting worse until I'm blind, if I live long enough.

Well I'm not giving up shooting. When I can't see the sights or target any more I'll have someone turn me towards the target and i'll empty the gun.

The bright side of the situation is that I went to the range today to see what I could do shooting with the left eye open and the right closed. and I got some groups that were better than any I had in many a month. It was a little weird, and I kept on wanting to open the right eye, but I was pretty happy with the results. Handwriting Art Font Creative arts Circle

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Good morning Tom!

I hope all is well with you.
Hope you are enjoying shooting to the best of your abilities.
Keep us updated on your adventurers of adjusting to your left eye.
This may be something many of us may want to consider adjusting to now as we get older.
It may actually improve the shooting abilities now for some of us.

God bless you our fine Bersa brother!!

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