Difference between ultra carry 9 and ultra carry 9 pro ?

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  1. irocss85

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    everything Ive seen about these guns is very positive. and i handled a used thunder 9 ultra compact (NOT PRO MODEL). it felt really nice in my hand, love all the features built into the gun. is very well designed as far as ergonomics go. seems like everything is in the right place, and easy to manipulate.
    I didnt buy it cause he wanted $330 for it, although he said if I bring cash he'll work with me on the price. the only issue is on the inside of the frame, I had him take it down to look at the inside. there is a pretty good groove worn into the side of the inside from shooting it. right near the side of the bullet when its in the chamber. wish I would have taken a pic of it to post. maybe I'll get up there again tomorrow.

    anyways, if the pro has any worthwhile upgrades over the older model, I'd probably just go ahead and get a new one.

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  2. bersastud

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    The pro as I remember went to a poly rifling I think that was the biggest change You could go to bersachat.com and ask them

  3. David

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    I cannot comment on pre-Pro models; I have no experience with them. The 9mm Pro comes in two different versions: high capacity (HC) and Ultra-Compact (UC). HC holds 17 rounds. The UC has 10 or 13 round mags, but the 17 round HC mag will fit. As far as upgrades from the pre-Pro models, the only thing I am aware of is polygonal rifling, trigger lock, and picatinny rail.
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    well the does have the trigger lock, think it had 2 10 rd mags.
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    I have a UC9 stainless and love in. It has the accessory rail but the barrel is rifles and there is no loaded chamber indicator. I also have a BP9cc. I shoot the UC9 better but I have been shooting it for years. Both great guns.