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Decocker Bersa 45 UC Pro

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He there new here. Just picked up a new 45UC today. Have not had a chance to fire it as of yet but was wondering if any one else has noticed how hard the decocker is to operate with one hand. Mine is VERY stiff and I almost need to hold the gun in one hand and use the decocker with the other. And do you think this will loosen up after its used some more. Thanks
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Oil it, work it, clean it and repeat. Have heard of this from users of all three calibers of the UCs. Mine was very stiff when new, now can operate it with ease.
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum spike4405 !!
It will loosen over time mine did. BTW the decocker was one of the things that sold me on the Bersa. Enjoy.
Welcome to the forum from deep south Texas.
I have a uc 9 and mine was easy straight from the box.
My thunder 380 was the same way, but it loosened up after a few hundred rounds and a few good cleanings
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