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    When my father was first married in 1966, he was working in the parts department in his father's Chevrolet dealership. He knew a customer who had a handgun. The only reason he really wanted it was because it was a "small" handgun and wanted to protect his home with his new bride. So, he traded a set of spark plugs for it. Now, he has a handgun to protect his family!!! Imagine his disappointment a few months later when Mom tells him to sell the handgun to put up curtains in their new house. With a heavy heart, he sold it, just enough for curtains.

    Ten years later, in a nice house with curtains, he and Grandpa go to a gun show. Lo and behold, he finds his small handgun that the damn curtains stole! He was shocked and appalled at the price! This gun he sold in 1966, just enough to fund some curtains is now worth $4,000!?!? He looked up to his father and said, "I'm going to burn those damn curtains." Knowing my Dad, he probably immediately wrote down the serial number, make, model, everything about it; he is going to do research on it. He asked the dealer why its worth so much. The dealer told him its a ......

    German Party Leader PPK.

    So, he shrugged his shoulders and walked off. Of course, he did his research. Found out everything he can about German Party Leaders. Every day, every week, every month since 1976, he researched and looked for that same gun. That very gun, in which he kept the serial number.

    And he's still looking.....

    The serial number is "185091K", if any out there has any special.... "connections".
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    Wow, great story. Good luck with your search!

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    I don't, but that's a heck of a story!
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    Hell of a story. If I think of any way to help track it down, I'll gladly pass it on.