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I'm glad I found this forum! I own a Bersa 223 DA 22LR pistol. very nice shape and shoots like a champ. Too bad they only issued/sold them with one magazine!! I sure would like to find two or three for spares!

I'm definitely going to mark this site and visit again!
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Glad to have ya !

Welcome to the Bersa Forum !
Thank you. Had some ammo issue that was causing it to stovepipe randomly, but new CCI Stingers seems to have fixed that. Wish I could get my hands on a brick of Yellow Jackets! THOSE always did a GREAT job in this pistol.
Welcome to the forum. Ammo, especially good .22s have been kinda scarce again.
Welcome from East Texas, Tyler area. :)

Mike Parker
Welcome to the forum.

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I spent more time closely examining and doing minor tuning on my Model 223 DA, yesterday. When in firing position, the safety, on the lower rear of the slide, had a sharp edge that was clipping the hammer during recoil. That clipping chattered and roughed the face of the hammer, causing burring and fine marring of the hammer face, and that, in turn produced enough drag on the slide to prevent consistent cycling, and proper ejection and capture of the old and new rounds, respectively.

I used my diamond needle files to polish off the burrs and raised material, smoothing the hammer face. I also broke the sharp lower rear edge of the safety to about a 0.030-0.040"R break-edge. I then rounded and smoothed the transitions from the flat part of the safety face to the rounded portion of the safety.

Now, during recoil, the slide engages and moves the hammer without leaving chatter marks or raised material on the hammer face. Shoots WAY SMOOTHER, and with no jams & no stove-piping, as it was doing before the smoothing and transitioning work. What a treat to have this little baby firing every shot right the first time, AGAIN!
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