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  1. Stratojaxter

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    So, you're out running around town, and nature calls. You're too far to go back home, and you really need to cop a squat. What do you do with your gun to keep it secure, and make sure you don't leave it behind (it has happened)?

    I carry IWB, with a good fitting holster and a sturdy belt. For me, I just bring my pants to the knees and keep my knees apart just enough to hold the weapon firmly in place. This keeps the weapon from falling to the floor and keeps it above the bottom of the door. After you're done, just make sure you hold onto your gun while you pull up your pants, and all is good.

    Some drop trou all the way to the floor and remove the weapon (and holster if it is easily removed) to be placed in the crotch of the pants. You're guaranteed not to leave your gun behind, but the idea of my pants laying directly on the restroom floor is quite disgusting. Great, now I've got that song stuck in my head..."Pants on the ground, pants on the ground, look'n like a fool..." :D

    One thing, I've heard some people do is hanging their gun by the trigger guard on the coat hook on the door. Please DO NOT DO THIS! Those hooks are not very sturdy, and if some kid hits your door thinking it is unoccupied, it could fall off and hit the floor. Assuming the drop safety works and nobody gets hurt, you probably have a kid screaming for his parents because he saw your gun sliding across the bathroom floor. :eek: The only bright side to this is that when all of this scares the crap out of you, you are already on the pot.

    Anybody else want to chime in on this?
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  2. David

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    I just rest it on some sturdy flat surface, such as the diaper changing table.

  3. SHOOTER13

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    This is a crappy subject, so I'm staying out of it !! :rolleyes:
  4. Stratojaxter

    Stratojaxter Well-Known Member

    I've never seen a changing table inside the stall. They are usually over by the sinks.
  5. hilandr

    hilandr thunder 380 CC owner

    Since I pocket carry, I just slowly lower, if the floor is clean it's happy time. If the floor is dirty, I do the twin leg spread.;)
  6. levelcross

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    Some carry rigs are more user friendly at this time than others. I usually have to fasten my belt around my knees as nothing is going to hit the floor in a public restroom if I can help it.
  7. David

    David Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    In my experience of pooping all across the US, I've seen very few changing tables in the stalls themselves. However, there always is some sort of "flat surface" in every stall. Look harder...
  8. behavior75

    behavior75 Member

    Maybe I'm paranoid, but I wouldn't want my gun sitting on any flat surface inside a public stall. The filth is a little overwhelming.
  9. oldmellow

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    It don't matter where you put your gun

    you,r not finished till the paper work is done!
  10. dutchboy

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    Welcome to the forum oldmellow, and please don't forget to wash your hands after your done.:D