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This thread has been started for the discussion of Comics and Graphic Novels...

If you have a a story and a few pics !!


One of my favorites is Frank Miller with his Sin City and Batman Graphic Novels...

I love the way he makes each character so dark...and especially the Batman...twisted !


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Dark Knight Returns.....outstanding
Wolverine by Claremont and first graphic novel, loved it.
Watchmen....very dark, very good.
Punisher Max...pretty good one

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Watchmen (One of the greatest ever)
300 (much less in depth than the movie)
Batman: The Dark Night Returns ( Dark dystopia)
I am Legend (not the Will Smith version, the old graphic novel)
Wolverine Origins (Awesome origin story)
30 Days of Night (Gritty)
28 Days Later Aftermath
and many more...

Now Manga
Ruroni Kenshin (Read it, awesome)
Bleach (read it, extremely awesome)
Vampire Knight (It's alright)
Bezenghast (not true manga, American release)
Voices from a Distant Star (Einsteins theory of relativity in action)
Death Note (Long winded, good story though)
Inuyasha (Good, gets a little long)

Manga is my nerd thing.
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