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    I ordered this Bag on Thursday afternoon for $29.99, chose USPS ($13.00) shipping (could have shipped for as low as $8.00, would cost me that much in gas to drive to the other side of town anyway if I bought it locally), and got it at my home on Saturday around noon. Less than 48 hours ordered to delivery!

    Kudo's to USPS Priority Mail.

    This bag is VERY well made, thoughtfully designed, thicker material than I was expecting.

    Pockets, partitions, zippers EVERYWHERE.

    For this price, for me this is a NO BRAINER!

    Bag is a little thinner, more like an attaché case than a deep bag, but plenty of space in interior compartment for two guns in their original boxes, or in zippered sleeves. All kinds of storage areas everywhere.

    And my 16" Laptop fits inside PERFECTLY, just need a sleeve to keep the metal laptop case from getting scratched, to be safe.

    I use Tumi for my laptop, Tamrac for my camera gear, so I know what a good bag is, and this is as well thought out and designed as any expensive bag I have owned or seen.

    All zippers have little cords and tags on them. There are three places for Velcro stick on patches on outside of the bag.

    I have seen other firearms bags prices $80.00 - $100.00 that are not as nice as this one is for $29.99 + tax + $10.00 s/h.

    For this price you can't go wrong. Highly recommended.

    Fixing to order a couple more for this price, use one of them as a business bag.
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    Thats a nice bag. My FFL sells the same bag for 89.99.

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    We carry die parts, such as ez expander and decapper replacement pins. We also have press replacement parts
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    huh ??????