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    Had to go Bloomingdale to cash a customer check this morning. Across the parking lot is a Dicks Sporting goods. They were open so I dropped in to waste some time waiting for the bank to open.I was surprised to see the large quantity of ammo for sale covering most calibers for hand gun as well as rifle. Shot shells we also plentiful. Remington 380acp 13.99 a box. (50) Remington 22lrHP 12.00 a box(100) Remington 9mmluger 14.99 box(50) and Remington 12ga shotshells field and target loads 4.99 box(25). 1 box limit per caliber up to 4 boxes. Shotshell limit is also 4 boxes.Had to make two trips as you are only allowed to walk out with 4 boxes total. I was leary of buying to begin with as Dicks put their tail between their legs after the Sandy Hook School shooting. But at the prices I paid I really don't care where I buy it. Its 8 more boxes of ammo I did not have when I woke up this morning.