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Changing Sights

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Hey if you are interested in changing you sights check out the sight pusher at You will be glad you did.
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Or you could use this setup.
Just make sure it comes out and goes in from the left side. Plus, if you have an older model, you will have a spring under the rear sight.
Sure the hammer is always the first choice of many. If you want an easy way without any surprises, buy the tool, you will be happy owning it because it works on other guns and is easy to take to the range.
I can see good points in havin that tool, and a man never has to many tools..
I was just showin an alternative method.
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I think your method works fine if you use your set up completely. My method is for those that don't want to think how to do it
I think your tool would be nice for the fine tuning of the sight, just a 1/16, 1/8 turn of the handle at a time could zero in the sight. A lot easier and faster than tapping it like I do.
But, I like beating on things with a hammer.
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Looks like a new tool for my armorer tool kit.
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