Celebrity CC and Gun Owners List

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    I was just poking around on the internet and found a few sources, thought I would share. I found these here

    I think it would be great to compile a full list, post them up and I'll add them to the list:

    The List:

    Robert DeNiro
    Miranda Lambert
    Donald Trump
    Johnny Depp
    Eric Clapton
    Alexis Stewart (Martha's Daughter)
    Clint Eastwood
    James Earl Jones
    Marc Anthony
    Ted Nugent - Of Course! :D
    Howard Stern (Radio Personality)
    Whoopie Goldberg
    David Spade
    Brad Pitt
    Angelina Jolie
    Harvey Keitel
    Sean Hannity
    David Wright (Met's Pitcher)
    Barry Levinson (director)
    Don Imus (Radio Personality)
    Alton Brown (Chef)
    Joe Perry (Aerosmith)
    Bruce Willis
    Tom Selleck
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    Joe Perry of Aerosmith is a real gun nut...I could hang with him !!

    ...and I would love to hunt with Uncle Ted...!!

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    See a few well known conservative names on there including a few very vocal outspoken left wingers.