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Can't believe it

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I walked into dunhams today and walked out with 200rds of 22lr. Happy dance lol.

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At what price did you buy them, I have seen some on sale for $75 - $85 for a brick of 500.:eek:
That is way too much to spend for .22lr, I won't add to the price gouging scam. :confused:
Muy bueno! There had been some off and on at the Wally World here before Xmas, but it now goes as soon as it comes in again. Guys at the gunshow table next to me had a few odd bicks of.22s, mostly cheap lead bullet stuff. They wanted 50 bucks for it and were getting it. Not as bad as the guy with the better stuff. They were getting @ 80 a brick.
I got a brick last week for $23

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Stot my new Thunder Plus 380 today with ammo I made my self
Only had 2 FTF out of 50
When I banged the bottem one went in the chamber and fired I dont know why

I used 100gr Berry ccrnhb some with 3.8gr of AutoComp and some with 4.1gr AutoComo
I coundnt see any differance
Some of the cases had a slight flat spot maybe about half

There is a flaw in the feed ramp that looks likea bubble tha t got machined over to male the ramp I dont see if that had anything to do with those flat spots

Accuracy was great even when the frount sight came off

Should I take to Gander Mt gunsmith?
I see they are a Bersa warrenty gunsmith
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