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Caliber/Rifle Question

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So I'll be the first to admit I know crap about rifles (although I have three shottys & two .22's). That being said, I would like to pick up something that I can do some long distance target practicing with and has enough punch to easily send Bambi's mother to the afterlife. Reliability and accuracy is a must. I would prefer to not have to shell out $2 per round and would like to keep the cost of the rifle reasonable (IMO $1K for a rifle is a waste of money although I wouldn't give a second thought to dropping that on a good 1911. Some priorities eh?). Last issue, recoil. I severely dislocated my shoulder a couple years ago and although I highly doubt it but there is the slim possibility that a very strong recoil could re-dislocate it. Or could that be resolved with a butt pad?

Opinions please.

And before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, this is being posted to multiple forums so I can get a general consensus.
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Bolt Action...Pump...Semi Auto ?
Ended up putting a used 7mm magnum Savage 110 bolt action w/ high power scope on layaway at my LGS. I was pretty much open to any action. Came down to a Ruger #1 lever action chambered in .300, a 7mm magnum Ruger 77 bolt action, and a 7mm magnum Savage 110 bolt action. The Savage won out due to it being heavier (absorbs more recoil) and $100 cheaper than the Rugers.
Well, alot of your original criteria went out the window...low recoil, cheap to shoot, etc...but nice choice !

I own a Remington 700BDL in 7mm Rem Mag and it can be counted on to drop anything on this continent and is

very flat shooting out to 300+ yards...but ammo is getting expensive. Good for hunting tho...
Shhh.... Don't tell anyone shooter but I addressed your post elsewhere. ;)
No big deal...this forum and that one both belong to the same owners.

Post pics of that Savage when you find the time...!!
Post pics of that Savage when you find the time...!!
As soon as I can get it out of layaway prison.
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