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Cabin fever

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nough's nough. can only watch TV for so long. Was time to grab a beer, a pipe, and some shine, and sept outside.
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That looks like deer hunting heaven are you sure it is cabin fever & not deer hunting season withdraws.
You got it good, I would love to have a place in the country. Living the suburbs we can't have open fires can't even hunt squirrels with air guns.
It would be in heaven if I had a place I could sit & watch the fire while drinking a cold one.
Very nice hobbles !!

I did the same thing just today...took down the remainder of the outside decorations...cleaned up all the branches and tinder in the yard,

and made myself a fire in my firepit out back then had a beer to celebrate the sunny, balmy 34 degree weather.
Cool Video, I hope you don't mind, i did some creeping on your photos. Digging the land and all the beauty there. Also diggin' the old Journey Frontiers shirt. I saw that tour as well! We are old! :)
I wish it was weather to wrap up. 80 degrees here and about 100% humidity. Just awful.
Nice hobbles, we are planning a Saturday night tailgate party then the Superbowl recovery show. I have the wood stacked, everyone knows to bring the bag chairs and coolers and mason jars. The girls will be cooking all day Saturday and we might smoke a ham to eat on Sunday.
I wish it was weather to wrap up. 80 degrees here and about 100% humidity. Just awful.
Already? I thought the humidity only hit in the last summer?
We get humidity and 0 rain lately. Our drought continues to worsen, lakes at 40% which is where we get all our water.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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