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C.V.A. Stalker 7mm-08, Benchmade knife

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Was at a gunshow all weekend. Looked at alot of guns people brought in. Looks like they all wanted their money back or maybe they owed alot of income tax cause not a single one wanted to sell at a decent oprice.

Anyway, finally scored this gun off a couple of trader sI know. They had come in to dump a couple of 'Bubba" milsurps. I asked about the break top rifle cause the other 2 were more than I wanted to give. They wanted 3 for the Stalker. Told them to come by my table and take 2 for it cause they would not get more than that. They showed up after selling the 2 milsurps and took the deal. Guy said he had bought it for his son in law, but the guy turned out to be an axxhole. So, he didn't mind loosing a few bucks on it. Said he had given 350 for it. There were new ones at the show for that price. A fair, but not smokin' deal. Better than coming home empty handed.

Gun has a heavy 3/4" barrel, 24" long, semi=pistol grip, poly stocks, and a BSA 3X12X40 "Cateye" scope with a lighted reticle. Like new rifle. Now to load some ammo. Already heve the dies from another gun I have.

And this Benchmade automatic turned up cheap. Guy came by selling a Remington .22 for more than I wanted to give. I hooked him up to a buyer that would give what he wanted. So, he lowered the price on the knife from 35 bucks to 20. I COULD LIVE WITH ThAT!!!!!!

Not bad, considering the old guy had run over it with his John Deere. The Gerber folder he had along with this one did not fair so well. It looked a bit bent, so I passed on it.:D

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