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C.C. holster for BP-9cc

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I pick it up Tues. and would like to find a holster for this C.C. gun any advice or companies I should check would sure be great. It's the Bersa BP-9cc...Thanks!
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Check out the website: Contact "Nate" from one of those pages and inquire about it. He may be able to custom make one.
Many thanks David, if anyone else could offer some options I would appreciate it.
I heard the bersa bp9cc is the same or very close to the same size as the kahr cw9. Does anyone know if I get the remora IWB 3C that fits the kahr cw9 will it fit my bersa bp9cc? I really love the many uses of the remora. The add on thigh strap is the best for dresses. I contact looper law enforcement. They said the are having trouble getting a dummy gun to make them but hope to get one in the future.
Ordered a remora 3C that fits the Kahr cw9. I really hope it fits. I have the remora 3 in 1 with add thigh strap for the tcp. I really love the remora system but hate the tcp.
I ended up ordering a IWB from a company called "Alien Gear" on 10-21-13 got an email today saying it has been shipped! Would have never ordered it but a close friend from Missouri recommended it when talking on the phone, says its been his cc holster every since he got one last year and at 41.83 shipped it was a price I couldn't refuse. I'm guessing it will arive late this week, I'll let you know what my initial feelings are about this IWB cc holster.
I have two different ones for my BP. For warmer conditions I use a all kydex rig called the P-Chip (with sweat shield). For cooler weather, I use my SHTF Gear hybrid holster (much like a Crossbreed).

I carry from the time I put my clothes on till the time they come off for bed. I drove back and forth from DFW to El Paso with the BP IWB for the whole ride and was never uncomfortable (P-Chip). The SHTF Gear holster is just as comfortable. The longest road trip with that one was to Stillwater but I suffered no problems with comfort with it as well. I drive a big (7.5 foot tall) Excursion with a stiff suspension.
It was in the mailbox this morning, total time from online order date...16 days. Everything looks good, give me a month or so and I'll be better able to tell you if it works well for big guys.I tried it on and super comfortable, I think this might be the answer. Here's a couple pics.


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What option have y'all found that may work for a small female. Remora is breaking me out. :( I miss carrying my bersa. I mean real small female. 5'1" 110 at best.
That's a tough one for me to recommend what would be your best option for a C.C. holster set up. I know the Alien Gear IWB I just got is so nice I tend to forget I'm even carrying. I think I'm very lucky to find the first IWB holster I ever bought works so well for me, that and having a friend tell me about this IWB because he too owns one also. The BP-9cc is just a little too big for pocket carry, for that I have a Ruger LCP & Desantis pocket holster. I guess if I didn't have a buddy that was able to steer me in the right direction, I would still be looking...Good luck in your search.
Women concealment is way harder. my PVC allergy did not help with this. My other gun is a sig p238 with the tallest of the new night sights. Making it also hard to find holster for it. Sticky brand holsters does have their iwb for the bersa bp9cc but I have theirs for the sig and just don't feel like it stays in place like the remora. I need something with a clip bc I have a lot moving back there, lol. I will have to check out alien gear. I have been looking at the shtf which is also what my husband what for his glock when he gets home. I did hear that shtf is owned by someone in the military. Not sure if that is true. Being a military family I do like to support other military families so that may make that cost not look so bad.
Pocket carry just makes me laugh. My pockets aren't even big enough for a pocket knife. Unless I wear my 5.11 pants.
Haha... Price wise I think I will go with alien gear.
Ok I went for the little fox from fox x holsters. I love it. I can't believe how easy this big 9 mm now disappears. Comfortable and reasonible priced.
Just got a holster from PJ's, all Kydex.
Never thought I would like anything but leather but I gotta say, I am pleased. Had it on for 10 hours yesterday and did not have one issue with comfort. Impressed, I am.
Always nice to see a new holster, but being its made of leather what keeps the holster in the pocket when you draw the weapon?
It goes inside pants and it is secured to your belt with a metal clip. It is perfect for CC
I'd really like to see a pic of it being worn, It appears to me as if the grip of the pistol would be exposed. For some that is a game changer, as the pistol is no longer concealed. But agin without seeing a picture of the holster being worn I'm only guessing.
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