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Buddies for life.

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How many of you out there in Bersa land have a life long buddie that no matter what, always destroyed a nite out, a weekend away with the guys, a sporting event, a dinner, a party, a third wheel, or just overall snivels about everything. I just happen to have a buddy like that. We met back in 1965. We both came from hard working , full of pride families. ect... Went to the same schools and hung out with the same crowd. Well, we went to the range Easter morning. He owns an old Walther p38 war sidearm. I believe it to be 9mmpara. I have been with him before at the range, but never indoors. His pistol jams once in a while and he tinkers with it and in 5 minutes he's back on the fire line. I was shooting a revolver when my peripheral vision catches an arm whipping around in a motion towards the floor. As I still had live rounds I took 3 more shots, ejected the brass, holstered my gun, and in this small amount of time my buddie is feuding with the business owner. Apparently his gun had jammed and what is normal to him was to throw the loaded/jammed pistol to the floor. It actually worked after picking it up and emptying the mag. Needless to say we were both asked to leave. Since my CC paid for and reserved the lane, I received a 3 month suspension period to shoot and my bud was banned for life. Now I expect and have accepted his behavior for 50 years. However at the range this behavior is Not acceptable. I have indeed informed him that he will not be shooting with me ever again inside or out. It sucks when you need to reprimand your 54 year old buddie that you have known for life. I honestly thought he would know better.
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I do have a life long friend and I've no ever had to correct him.

I'm sorry to hear you had to.
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