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BT380Plus magazine's

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Just in case anyone besides me was looking for bt380plus mags, Eagle imports has them in stock, only thing is they only let you order 1 at a time
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I've been trying to order a Thunder Plus 15 round mag for two days now on Eagle's web site and it just keeps going in circles and never gets to through the checkout process. I've tried 3 different browsers from 3 different computers and nothing works. Has anyone just called their number to order? I've ordered mags from them before on their web site and it worked fine.
I was having trouble also, so I called them and they said that you have to check the box that says ship to different address , then put your address again, also they will only let you order 1(one) 15rd mag at a time.
I tried checking the "ship to different address" box and that still didn't work. Still chasing it's tail going in circles.
Called Eagle and they acknowledged the bug. You have to check out using the multiple address option. That gets you through to the billing menus. 1 mag ordered.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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