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BT380CC vs. Wather PPKs

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I found this cool little video, and I actually agree with a lot that he has said. I don't care for the way he grinds the two guns together.
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You know, I think it would be just fine to own both. Right?
Nice review of the 2 guns, and I agree; both would be nice.
The only thing that gave me pause was when he pulled the magazine out and with a round still in the chamber, was pointing the muzzle at himself. Not smart.
I think they are called a "beavertail" when it is incorporated into the movable grip safety. Usually on a 1911.

I owned a PPK once and you wouldn't ever see my loaded round indicator sticking out because it was in the desk drawer. It's a pin that sticks out into the bolt face and has to retract as the round being chambered slides up that bolt face. I'm a minimalist and can't see any reason for anything to empede the chambering of a round. Do a press check to see if it's chambered.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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