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BT 380 - sweet firearm

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I bought a BT .380 duo tone the day after Christmas and have been to the range twice now. I am completely new to firearms, but took a beginner's handgun course at Blackwing in Delaware, OH. Excellent course and I learned quite a bit. Granted, I don't know a great deal about guns yet, but I really like the way this baby shoots. Love the trigger - several gun nuts I know said this is a good first handgun. I totally agree. Can't wait to run more rounds thorough it. Shot a box of reloads today and it performed perfectly. Did have one misfire, but I attribute that to the ammo.

Based my decision to buy in large part to the great information in this forum. Thanks to everyone.
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Congrats on the addition, we like pictures ;)
Congrats on your new pistol!! I just glad you were able to find ammo.
Congrats from a fellow buckeye. My wife carries her bt380 so I never get to shoot it. When I did when we first got it I liked it.
Welcome to the forum. Good pistola you got. Carried one for yeas and still do.
Glad you like your Bersa. I love my BT .380. BTW I never liked the term "perfect first gun" or "a good starter pistol or beginners gun" It gives the impression that it is not a gun for the long haul. I have Glocks and Kahrs and believe the Bersa is my "traditional double action trigger" gun. It is a pistol you can start with but also carry for the rest of your life.
Thunder 380

I qualified for my CWP with a rented Thunder 380. I was so impressed with it, I bought one.It just shot so nice and felt right in my hands. Every review I watched, review I read and person who spoke of the Bersa .380 had overwhelmingly positive things to say about it. I believe it is a keeper for life.
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