BT 380 FTF second to last round every time

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  1. jmac556

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    Hi, looking for some advice please!. I purchased a new BT 380 cleaned and lubed followed all guidance in manual. 2nd to last bullet in mag takes an upward nose dive every time and gets stuck on inside top part of breach. These are the steps that I have taken to correct this issue to no avail...

    1. Purchased another magazine....still has FTF prob.
    2. Ensured grip was proper every time..
    3. Changed up ammo brands.

    This is aggravating considering this is a new firearm!
  2. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum !!

    Were the cartridges FMJ or HP's...?

    Did you check the feed ramp for burrs...?

  3. jmac556

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    Thanks for the reply!

    -Cartridges all FMJ, Win white box, Fed, Privi, RMJ, & Fiocchi

    -Feed ramp is free of burrs, nicks, blemishes...

    Just curious as to why the second to the last round gets hung up..maybe has something to do with the spring load of the mag with only 2 rounds left is providing the right environment for the malfunction to take place....
  4. jmac556

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    Here is a pic of the malfunction....

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    Welcome to the forum. Big surprise! a BT .380 that hangs up?

    Sounds like you have done the standard stuff without any physical mods to the gun or mag. Shooter's question on the bullet type FMJ or HP would be my next question?

    If it does the same with both, a few things to check next. That is assuming you want to risk voiding your warranty cause it is a new gun. If it was used I would suggest the following:

    If you are in a safe location, manually cycle the gun with every round to see if it hangs up. Inspect the round that hangs up. Look to see if the rear of teh cartridge has cleared the mag lips. You might check this while firing it and insepect when it hangs up. Looks to see if the round is still partially in the mag or if it is clear of the mag and hangs up on the breach face, extractor, or fining pin hole area. Inspect the round and visually inspect it for scratches or rough marks along the rim of the case. If it is not safe to do so, skip it.

    See if you can locate the trouble spot. If the rear end of the cartridge is hanging up on any of those areas, a light polishing would be in order. Just have to know what you are doing or you will damage harded steel parts. If it is a mag issue, changing the feed lips to change the feed angle of the round may help. ...or make it worse. Kinda sounds like the feed angle is a bit wrong or the round is not clearing the mag lips completely and is going in the chamber at the wrong angle or binding. Just trial and error mostly.

    Also remove the slide and put it back on without the spring or mag. Work it back and forth and check for binding. Probably not that cause the rest of the rounds feed o.k.

    And most people will tell ya it just needs a "break in" period. Maybe, but it should work right out of the box. I only buy used guns and have to tinker with them when they don't wprk cause there is no warranty. If ya can't diagnose it quickly and it is under warranty, a trip back to the mother ship would probably be the best thing. I have had several of the .380s. All used, all fed correctly. Never even cleaned any of them when I got them.
  6. Pancho_Villa

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    Just saw your pic. I would check for binding of the case rim on the extractor or breech face for sure. If that is not it, feed lip at the mags. Not an easy fix. Might make it worse.
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    I had troubles with mine doing the same thing. I started using a dry lube (one shot) and it cleared up my issues.

  8. runeweaver67

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    i have owned several bersa 380's. and i have had the same issue..i stripped the gun completely cleaned, de-burred if needed and re-lubed..i also disassembled the mag and polished the feed never hung again..never did find if it was the gun or the clip feeding wrong..i always do this to new guns anyway..just my break in takes about time..just hang in their, their tough and seldom give any trouble..
  9. jpshaw

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    I have a new Bersa .380 also. I noticed that when I loaded up my two mags (one 7 rd Bersa and one 8 rd Meggar) to loosen them up some that they were oozing with oil from the inside. Unloaded both, took them apart and ran a rag up through the tubes to dry them out. Whipped down each round also to get the oil off. They both did fine when fired but could have done fine regardless. Look at it like chicken soup. Couldn't hurt.