Brought the Firestorm Home Days ago

Discussion in 'General Bersa Discussion' started by JB380, Jul 9, 2020.

  1. JB380

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    I joined this form after paying for 2 Bersa Firestorms in .380acp. I got the 1st one home 3 days ago. The day after I got it, I field stripped it, cleaned it, and I've been handling it for the last couple of days.

    I had a Walther PPK/S over 40 + yrs. ago I eventually sold because it jammed often and I would get "slide bit".

    The Walther nor the Bersa Thunder is on the CA roster, so after contacting Eagle imports, they gave me a "heads up" about a recent shipment of Firestorms to a local dealer, so I bit on 2 guns.

    The Firestorm has a longer beavertail, taking out the mag dis-engages the trigger, plus the firing block and safety/de-cocker and the slide hold open lever gave me a sense of the Walther design being helped into this century via this gun. A good thing.

    Now that I've handled the gun for a few days, I've been reminded of how beautiful/timeless this design is...and has been for a 100 yrs.

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  2. Pancho_Villa

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    Congrats on the new pistolas compadre. Will be waiting for a range report.

  3. JB380

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    Thanks!! Fortunately an outdoor range has re-opened that's local to me, so after getting the guns in shape, that'll be my ultimate destination.

    I'm looking forward to good things from these guns.
  4. Tarheelcracker

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    I bought my Bersas for the exact same reasons you did.
  5. vince

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    I walked into a gun store years ago. I saw a PPK in the case and asked if I could see it, I had always wanted one. The dealer handed me the gun and it didn't feel as good as I thought it would. I guess my disappointment was showing. He suggest a Bersa, once in my hand it was like an old friend. The dealer pointed out the disadvantages of the PPK and the obvious $400 price difference. I still love the feel of the Thunder, I've never tired of it. Good luck with yours, it's a fine pistol.
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    I'm a big fan of the Bersa 380 and/or Firestorm as I have the 22lr in the Firestorm brand. Stumbled onto a second one with an older serial number at the time I got the 22lr that looked like NIB as it had no scratches or wear on any part of the gun. I carried it until I became part of our church's security team. Then my EDC became my first of two 9UCs I have with the one I carry I have modified the 9HC mags to fit with the addition of a modified Ruger sleeve. For sake of easy concealabioity, I still prefer the BT380. 03-Large Mag.jpg
  7. JB380

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    Handling the Firestorm, to me, it's obviously a well made gun, which was a pleasant surprise where they're selling a good gun for a ridiculously low price.

    The Firestorm is every bit as beautiful as my PPK was, and so I'm satisfied w/the gun.
    A lot of folks hate the mag dis-connect, but I like this feature especially since this gun will be the first gun that my kids shoot at the range.

    The PPK doesn't have the slide hold open feature which is a big plus for the Firestorm.
    I actually prefer the Firestorm to the PPK and my kids are excited at the prospect of this being the first gun they'll shoot at the range.