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Brand new thunder CC Take down issues

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alright. I just bought this gun today. I got home and wanted to clean all the excess grease on it. for the life of me, I cant get the slide off. ive watched several you tube vids and no go. im so ticked off right now, im thinking of just selling it. below is a pic of the farthest the slide will come off. and its also a bugger to put back as well:mad:
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Hey Bro, it's just a bit tight. You won't hurt it, muscle it up! It's just fine. You just have to push it forward hard. Your first clean and lube will help a lot! You got this!

looks like its hanging up going may be keeping it to low (or to high) so just pull it back and as youre going forward lift rear as high as you can
I sometimes have the same problem with my Thunder 380. It usually slides right off with no hang ups. This would lead me to believe that it's something that I'm doing and not a problem with the gun. Other than that, it's an easy maintenance gun. Good luck and enjoy your Bersa.
well I got it taken apart for cleaning. my right index finger is singing though from holding down the take down lever. I have to admit, I like my walther ppk/s 22lr much better. the way it fits in my hand is a much better feel. think im gonna sell the thunder and save for another walther. yikes! that's another $600 investment
Welcome! This is my first reply on this forum. I usually just like reading the posts, but when I saw this I had to reply. The same thing happened to me. After watching 3-4 YouTube videos, I did exactly what I saw and the same thing you are describing and pictured is what I experienced. Everything everyone else said is true. It's tight because it's new, muscle up and work it a little. I had to put my slide back on several times and repeat the process until it finally released. Good luck!
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum mrb23 !!
Thunder 380 NEW

Why does a Thunder 380 with less than 20 rounds not come apart as stated? It comes apart as far as lifting up and sliding forward, but will not finish the slide forward, it just stops with the back up. If I apply the need force to maybe move it, it will damage gun. What the hack am I to do?
Welcome from east Tennessee! The .380cc is tougher to take down than the the standard BT380, I did the same thing with my .380cc thought it was hung up. Just took a little muscle, I have quit a few rounds thru my .380cc and it's still a little tough at times to take down.
Part of the break in and learning curve of dis-assembly and reassembly of our BT380s. Patience first and no rough stuff! Had similar problems with my first BT380, I bought it new. Came close to taking it to a gunsmith for a little extra help. Make sure the barrel tip is lined up with and in the slide barrel hole and the take down lever fully forward. I found that wiggling the slide up and down with a little pressure and then downward after the end of the barrel clears the slide barrel hole helps.
If all else fails, give us a call at Colorado Gun Works and we will walk you through a couple of things that should get you where you want.

We can be reached Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm EST.
If you get the voicemail, leave a message and we will call you back shortly.
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