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BP9cc range report review.

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This is my first Bersa, and I am really impressed with this little pistol.

I've been through a couple of the micro 9mm's that are out there. I had a PF9, and a CM9. Both of these were not at all fun to shoot though reasonably accurate.

The BP9cc has many of the advantages of the micro 9mm type of pistol without the uncomfortable drawbacks. This pistol was actually fun to shoot. The recoil was very managable. very similar to a double stack sub-compact 9mm.

Another great thing about the BP9cc is the trigger. It has a trigger that is very hard to describe, mainly due to the way the first pull of the trigger is achieved. It is sort of like a Glock or Steyr pistol, but with a longer first trigger pull. After you have shot the first round the trigger reset is about 1/10 inch or so and then you simply pull the trigger 1/10 inch to get it to fire again. The trigger break is nice and smooth.

Overall, just a great gun. I will be bringing this with me to the range much more than I did with other 9mm single stacks.
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My BP9CC trigger breaks @ 4.25 lbs and it is factory stock. Very nice shooter.
My BP9CC trigger breaks @ 4.25 lbs and it is factory stock. Very nice shooter.
I love the trigger and I would say mine breaks at around 4 to 4.5 lbs. Not as light as my P07 which is a crazy 3.5 lbs(it does have a DA pull that is much heavier), but for this type of pistol I think it is perfect.
have a duo tone now getting one with OD frame also LOVE THESE BP9's
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