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BP9cc for carry

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I am somewhat intrigued by the BP9 as a carry weapon but am a little hesitant with regards to what I am seeing about the light trigger pull and lack of an external safety.
What are your experiences with carrying this weapon?

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I've never had any problems or concerns carrying mine that way.
I carry mine on a daily basis. It is carried with one in the chamber. I worry more about an AD when holstering but remedy that by putting a finger behind the trigger before holstering. I practice draws and love the indent above and forward of the trigger for an index position. I'm not concerned with the light pull when drawing but more with holstering.

I have done all the trigger work of silicon grease and smoothing out the "C" clasp on the striker assembly so my trigger is a little lighter and smoother than an out of the box BP.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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