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BP9cc aftermarket safety?

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I absolutely love this pistol. its very accurate, inexpensive and perfect for conceal carry. however, if it had a manual safety or decocker it would be even better. is there any way a gunsmith could put one on? I know that glocks can be modified for this, but not sure with the bersa.
thanks in advance
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soooo. nothing from the bersa experts? oh well. I just picked up a SW MP shield which is nearly identical, but has a safety. if it shoots as well as the bersa, ima happy camper. im still going to look into putting an aftermarket safety on it though. I like it to much to sell :)
This method works for me, you might want to try it... Keep your finger off the trigger til your ready to shoot! I know that sounds simple but there are many Glock shooters that use this method with great results. The best safety on the BP9CC is between your ears, use your head... Keep your finger off the trigger til your ready to shoot!
hey cabbage were you ever able to put a manual safety on the bersa? and did you find that the shield was as accurate/easy to shoot?
I have a 40 Shield. Like it.
Not sure if i would trust an aftermarket safety mod.
I'm with Zen on this one!
I too was leary of the BP with no saftey and the light trigger, I've been carrying it almost daily for several months and I never give it a second thought any more, I carry mine hot. With a molded holster that fits the gun it shouldn't be an issue. I never have mine out of the holster unless I'm shooting it or cleaning it. Don't touch the trigger and it won't go bang. With the the finger groove molded into the gun it's almost natural for the finger to drop into that groove and rest there. Bersa did very well with the BP!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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