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    Been awhile but some follow-up on the BP9 cc and the Shield. First the nasty question of lead. Some of my time away has been spent working on a load for 9mm, LRN 124 gr. It took some time but I think I got one that shoots well in both pistols. Now about BP and Shield. I have put enough rounds of both plated and lead through these pistols. Keep in mind that the best SD firearm is the one you shoot best and is reliable in all functions. The only problem with the BP9 is the mag release, mine is still difficult to release and time has not improved it at all. But........it more than holds it own with the smith. The BP9 is the best kept secret in this carry class. Quality is in the same class with the Shield. Any suggestions out there about this mag release problem? Not looking to be in a gun fight but would like a smother transition in mag change.:rolleyes:
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    I had one mag that was difficult to eject and I sent it to Bersa(Eagle?) and they went me a new one that works fine. Is this the kind of difficulty you are having with your mag release? Mine felt gritty and had to be pushed with a fair amount of force, but now ejects smoothly.

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    I have two BP9CC's and have no trouble with the Mag release in either weapon. ( I even just tried it to make sure)
    One is about 18 months old and the other is about 6 months old.