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I own the bp9cc and love is a fantastic gun for the money.
I have seen ads for a bp40cc, have yet to see one.
Has this gun been put into production,and if it has, where can i get some...????
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It will be available in 2014. Hopefully, 1st quarter. Also, BP380 will launch at the same time.
it will be available in 2014. Hopefully, 1st quarter. Also, bp380 will launch at the same time.
what is the bp380 going to have different than the already successful 380 now in production
Welcome to the Bersa Firearms Forum yodasguns !!
Glad to be here.
Have you heard any news on the BP40CC, OR THE NEW BP380?
I purchased the BP9CC 2 months ago and it is one of my favorite's, if not my favorite ,of 7 Bersas I own.
The owner of the gun shop I use, and the other 2 guys who work there ,all use the BP9CC as their carry side arm.
I have been trying to find out what new technology will be used in the new BP380.
Do you have any info on the 40, or the 380?
Nothing on either gun until 2014. The BP380 will differ from the Thunder 380 in all of the obvious ways. Polymer frame, striker fired, etc. All 3 calibers will share the same profile.
bersasales, any plans on a BP45 or BP45C for 2014?

No immediate plans for a BP45. We have discussed it, but I have no idea when, or if, it will be made.
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