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Bought S&W Hadnd Ejecotor .38 spl.

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Spend the weekend at the gunshow. Kinda slow, low crowd. uess the gun and ammo shortage scare is over. Still enough people bringing in guns to sell. Unfortiately, I was put at a table in the back again and all the good stuff was getting bought up by the front door. So, I had to make the best of it. I had turned a few Wally World guns and fixer uppers and was ready to buy some stuff. Everything showing up at the back was either overpriced new stuff or old beaters that were not worth the effort.

Anyway, I snagged this old S&W along with a like new RG .22 single action innickle finish. Guy had wanted 285 for the pair and I talked him down to 240 for the pair. the RG was near new and nicee. The S&W was real solid, but blue worn and fugly. I figured I could make up most of my $ on the RG cause I wanted to keep the old S&W Hand Ejector for myself.

It is most likely a Model 1905 which was made much the same way till the 2nd war. Not sure of the exact age. Haven't checked the serial number to date it yet. Gun was real solid without much mehanical wear, probably a cop's gun. It has the Higer hammer spur on the hammer, 2 extra screws on the frame, old style, and a fully rounded front sight. Smooooth DA and an SA that breaks like glass.

Put some of my home cast reloaded wad cutters through it. Kinda warm load at 950 FPS out of this gun, but it sould take it. It's not hot. Grouped them well at 10 yds, single action, slow fire. Group was @ 2 inches below the POA, so I had to "walk it" up to the mark on the target. Windage was great. Very accurate and could hold it's own against newer guns of it's type. Had to put some Pachy Grippers on it cause it camw with some Model 19 grips on it. Good shooter. Bue was dull and thin in places. A little metal off the front sight should get it right up to zero as I liike it.

A pic of it with a Model 10-5 I got recently.

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S&W always made a good revolver...
Cleaned the Hand Ejector up today. Got all the surface rust off, degreased it and polished it just enought to break through the old surface. Some cold blue and steel wool a couple of times. Done deal. Went from looking @ 40% in the finish to 90% or so. Much better. Now to beat the bushes at the gunshows till I find a suitable set of grips of the period to match.

Checked my referenced on the old gun. Serial # was 169,XXX which put it in the range of the 1905 Model 3rd change. The #s ran from @ 146,000 up to 241,900 from 1909 to 1915 with a bit more than 94,000 units produced till the 4th change in 1915. Probably make @ 1910 + or - by my guesstimate. Yeah, it's old, but still good.
Pic of the old S&W with a face lift. Much darker and more even finish now.

Next to it is it's it's little buddy, RG-14 in .22 LR cal, six shot, fixed sights, pull pin, swing out pocket rodcket. Got it out in the parking lot as I was leavig the show. All of 35 bucks. Think pair of these RG-14s weree used by Hinkley in the Reagan attempt.

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